ESP8266 Inclinometer – Spookie action at a distance.

The ESP8266 Inclinometer is deployed. Spookie is a feral cat. “Spooky action at a distance”, is a quote attributed to Albert Einstein Physics puns aside, cats are understandably nervous creatures when it comes to the subject of physics. After all, there is that whole business of Schrodinger’s cats  that didn’t fare all that well. (This […]

The Squirrels go Back To Space

The Squirrels support the Back To Space organization’s 1st HAB project. On Saturday Aug 10th, 2019 I had the privilege to assist the Back to Space organization launch their first High Altitude Balloon. Back to Space is an organization that is promoting space related STEM education. They currently have 22 very talented “Ambassadors” participating in […]

The Heat is On! – Keeping cozy while flying in Styrofoam class.

  One of the goals of the Flying Squirrel #4 (FS4) mission was to stay warm. Prior Flying Squirrel flights either froze to death or appeared likely to do so had another failure not terminated the flight early. For FS4, our Squirrel carried it’s own personal heating blanket to keep warm in the sub-zero temperatures. […]