Baby Squirrel – Can we talk (on Ham Radio)?


If you are Licensed Ham radio operator, we can talk on the air. I run an Allstar node running at my home QTH. This node is accessible from any other Allstar node in the world. You can also connect via EchoLink from anywhere across the globe if you have an internet connection or have the ability to link via a repeater system.

Connect to my Allstar node Number #41386

EchoLink: Connect to KJ6FO-L

I monitor this node while I work from home. I am listening on most days Monday thru Friday and often on weekends. I do travel at times so if I am not around, try a few days later. If I am not around, maybe other like minded hams will be hanging around to talk to.  Throw out a call and lets get the discussions going.  73s

For more info on Allstar visit

For more info on EchoLink visit

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