Flying Squirrel #1 – A success

A quick Synopsis


More details will follow after I can clean up the data, but here are the flight statistics collected from the balloon telemetry. The flight was a lot of fun and a success!


Flight Quick Stats

Launch Date 201-1-16

Time of lift-off: 19:24 UTC 11:24 AM PST

Launch Location: Anderson Dry Lake  Johnson Valley, OHV Area CA

Launch Coordinates:  34.5611N 116.7763W  Elevation 995.1M

Max Altitude above Sea Level (Metric): 13273.95m  Temp: -20.5c  Air Pressure: 156.16hPa

Max Altitude above Sea Level (English): 43549.7 Ft   8.24 Miles  Temp -4.9F

Los of Signal (Aprox) 2018-1-17 7:50 UTC   3:50pm 2018-1-16 PST

Duration of Telemetry: 4 Hrs 26 minutes.


Loss of signal (LOS) likely due to battery failure. Balloon did not appear to have burst because it was in decent at the time of LOS.  A partial signal was observed as late at 8:15 UTC 4:15 PST, but it seemed to be erratic and was not decoded.


Thank you!

Thank you to Eric KB6BZZ and Mike KA9CQL for their assistance launching and observing this flight. It would have been a lot less fun and a whole lot more effort without your hands and wits.







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