A short FS2 flight summary – more to come.

(This is a repost from the Facebook page.)

FS2 was a very interesting (Strange) flight. FS2 flew a very slow circle around our launch site and then went in a northerly direction into Ft Irwin. FS went nowhere near the predicted path to the east.

The balloon did not have the desired lift, so it never got much above 4,000 meters in altitude. FS1 had reached over 13,000 meters and one goal was to exceed that height. FS2 took a few swooping dives and bounced back up. One dive and recovery appears to have been very dramatic.

I would say most of our goals were met with success:

1. We had fun
2. We learned a lot of stuff!
3. The electronics performed very well, exceeding expectations in a few areas.
4. The telemetry exceeded expectations. Had the balloon reached a higher altitude, it would have been heard by more of you.

The balloon landed inside or near Ft Irwin which made recovery impossible. Had it landed in public lands, the odds of recovery would have been good. Recovery was never a goal of the flight, but it would have been nice to do so.

I will be looking at the data and publishing more results and thoughts soon. It was a very long day chasing the squirrel yesterday.

Lots to share! Stay tuned.

73s de KJ6FO

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