FS4 Launch prediction June 15th, 2019

Good morning Ground Squirrels!  The upcoming Flying Squirrel #4 flight is only a few days away (June 17th).

This mornings prediction run for flight time is looking about the same. Just like your local weather forecasts, the predictions are based on NOAA weather data and  tend to get better and more “Stable” as you get nearer the prediction date.

Today’s prediction is mostly the same pattern as previous prediction. Due to the westerly movement of the balloon, I am now expecting that we will launch near Barstow. A launch  from Lucerne Dry Lake Bed follows almost the same pattern, but ends up with the balloon landing in the rugged mountains north of Big Bear Lake.

This zig-zag pattern is a bit odd. I infer from this pattern that the winds will be light (The balloon is not going far) and that the wids on the ground, mid level and upper altitudes are blowing in opposite directions at each level. If this holds true, it may make for an easy ground chase and exciting flight as it passes back overhead, similar to the FS2 flight.

Stay tuned!

73s de Don KJ6FO

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