FS #5 Launch Update 2010-03-12 – Cancelled

The weather forecast for Saturday is not looking good and the launch of FS5 will be postponed for better weather conditions. Stay tuned for an new date. The first wave of a cut-off low pressure system zeroing in on Southern California passed yesterday with a lot of needed rain. The predictions are that this system […]

Flying Squirrel #5 – Getting ready for a March 2020 launch.

Its been a busy season around the Squirrel Engineering labs. But silently in the background Flying Squirrel #5 (FS5) has been taking shape. Based on a whole new radio telemetry design, FS5 is using APRS to relay data back to the ground. This has some major advantages over the HF signals sent by prior flying […]

ESP8266 Inclinometer – Spookie action at a distance.

The ESP8266 Inclinometer is deployed. Spookie is a feral cat. “Spooky action at a distance”, is a quote attributed to Albert Einstein Physics puns aside, cats are understandably nervous creatures when it comes to the subject of physics. After all, there is that whole business of Schrodinger’s cats  that didn’t fare all that well. (This […]