Flying Squirrel #3 Mission Update 2018-12-4

Weather conditions continue to look good for launch on Friday morning. The approaching storm is predicted to clear out Thursday afternoon and the flight prediction I ran this morning looks about the same as yesterday (Good).


Mike KA9CQL and Eric N9RZR have flown 5 similar balloons this year, WarPig-I through WarPig-V, and they shared their telemetry data with me yesterday. I was able to use their data to refine the inputs to my predictions. To date I had only been estimating the balloon ascent and descent rates (In Meters per sec).  With their data I was able to calculate new numbers and make some small adjustment to today’s prediction run. These rates mostly effect to duration and distance of the flight. The flight path after this change was not significantly affected. The balloon is still predicted to head towards the Salton Sea.

73s De KJ6FO

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