FS4 Telemetry Schedule and Data Format

Ground Squirrel Telemetry Decoder with WSJT-X decoding FS4 Telemetry messages

Flying Squirrel 4 transmits FT8 data on 28.075Mhz  (Normal 10m FT8 Freq + 1kc)

Flying Squirrel sends telemetry data on every even minute. The telemetry is broken into four 15 second FT8 transmissions, Type 1 through Type 4.

The Type1 message starts at 0 seconds and send a station ID: KJ6FO FS4 HAB

Type 2 message starts at 15 seconds and encodes Latitude, Longitude & Altitude into a 18 Hex digit FT* telemetry packet.

Type 3 message starts at 30 seconds and encodes Ground Speed, GPS Accuracy data, inside the payload temperature and the outside temperature.

Type 4 is an FT8 free text message KJ6FO-11 APRS that indicates the APRS call-SSID for balloon tracking.

Details of each message is described in the PDF Document: FS4 Telemetry Schedule

73s de Don KJ6FO

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