FS3 WSPR – The little squirrel signal that could.

Stations hearing FS3 HAB on WSPR
Stations hearing FS3 HAB on WSPR

In the world of Ham Radio, the Q-Code QRP  stands for operating at low power.

In a radio hobby where US hams are legally allowed up to 1500 watts of power, typical HF transceivers run 100 watts, and QRP is defined by operating at 5 watts or less (Some say 10 watts), our FS3 transmitter clocks in at the 20 milliwatt level. The Flying Squirrels are most decidedly QRP.

But if you get that 20 mw signal up high and use a robust weak signal mode like WSPR, it can go far and wide. Even when the Sun is near a Solar Minimum,thus poor radio propagation conditions, FS3 reached out far.

The map shows reception reports of FS3 on WSPR, one of the two radio protocols used by FS3. The balloon was heard 63 times during the flight.

The FS3 signal went out as far as Hawaii, Canada, New York, Florida and points in between. An amazing result for the little Squirrel.

73s de Don KJ6FO


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