Adrift – Problem solving FS2 drift issues.

High altitude balloons are expected to drift, in the atmosphere. But Flying Squirrel #2 (FS2) has had some drifting problems of another kind. During construction as the FS2 flight electronics went from a breadboard prototype to final construction, a problem emerged. FS2 was not WSPRing clearly. In fact, it seemed to be more of a […]

Introducing Flying Squirrel #2

  Introducing our next intrepid sky traveler. The burning question of the Flying Squirrel #1 mission is “Where did it go?” and ultimately, “Where/when did it land?”  So far the final resting place of FS1 has not been reported by anyone on the ground. It could be lost in the mountains and deserts of South […]

Testing WSPR mode

WSPR How low can you go? (And still be heard) As part of my Flying Squirrel project, I wanted to know, “Would my little Si3551A based telemetry transmitter,sending WSPR,  ever be heard by anyone?” So I conducted the following test. I configured the Radio gear to send the absolute minimum signal possible, on the 20m […]